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Beautification 2024

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The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce has been working with the High School horticultural program to create hanging baskets to enhance the beautification of the village since 2009. The Chamber raises the funds to buy the flowers from the WUHS and then contracts with an individual to water, fertilize and dead-head the baskets from May 25-October 13th. We are requesting funds to pay for the maintenance of the baskets for 2024. We were very fortunate to contract with Roger Ansardi for the season. He did a fabulous job maintaining the baskets. The Chamber was informed that we need to replace the Cocoa liners for 2024 at the cost of $1,100. Also, The Chamber has worked with Timber Tenders and Chippers to help light the village for the Holiday Season. The Chamber is requesting funds to purchase the lights from our local hardware store. The Chamber will continue to coordinate with our local arborists to get the lights hung before Thanksgiving.

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Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

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PO Box 486 Woodstock, VT 05091

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Beth Finlayson

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EIN # 03-0183829

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The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership-driven organization of businesses and professionals who are committed to developing a vibrant community and improving the economic well-being of the Woodstock area by marketing and supporting our members and our towns.

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The Chamber will be raising funds for the Flowers and hopes to receive in kind donations for the lights of $10,000. Last year the Chamber purchased a garden cart and a water containers to enable the care of the plants. The Chamber works with Chippers, ArborScape and Timber Tenders. These businesses donate the use their bucket trucks and staff. Their donations equal about $10,000 to put up and take down the lights. We will be working with these businesses to create a more uniform lighting tableau for the 2024 Holiday Season. The Chamber’s financial commitment to the holiday lights is $3,00. The project will be completed May 24-Oct 15, 2024 and November 18, 2024 through February 28, 2025. The projects enhance the beautification of the Village. You can see people taking photographs of their friends of family in front of the baskets and the Holiday lights enrich the marketing of Woodstock for Wassail Weekend. We work with the students of the Woodstock Union High School horticulture program to create the baskets. The lights benefit all of our Wassail partners including the Merchants, NWPL, Pentangle, local churches and visitors from throughout the country.

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Flower Basket May 25, 2024 through October 15, 2024. Holiday Lights November 18, 2024 - February 28, 2025

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The flowers baskets will be hung, maintained, fertilized and deadheaded as well as be beautiful for the summer months. The Village will be filled with holiday lights for the winter season.

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Excel sent as a separate sheet. Beautification

Community Support

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The Business Community and residents.

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Rresidents, visitors and the business community.

Questions and Responses

Question: What attempts have, and will, be made to raise funds from local merchants to help support this project financially? (submitted by Jon Spector)
Response: The Woodstock Area Chamber will again fundraise to help defer the cost of the Flower baskets. We hope to receive a grant from the Woodstock Rotary Club to help pay for the costs of the plants purchased from the WUHS. We will solicit funds from the greater Woodstock Community at the end of April. Those funds will go directly to hard costs of either flowers or labor.

Question: If you were awarded the grant how would you plan to recognize the contribution made by the EDC (so the community can better understand the types of investments we are making in economic and commmunity development)? (submitted by Jon Spector)
Response: The Woodstock Chamber will acknowldge the grant with a sign at the Welcome Center thanking the EDC for thier generous support of the flower baskets.

Question: Do you foresee any future where the EDC is not requested annually to be the major financial source of funds for this worthy project? (submitted by Larry Niles)
Response: Actually, I do not. I am happy to explore all avenues for funding, such as the grant from the Woodstock Rotary Club. This was a project created by the Village Merchants that was initially funded by one business. We then raised monies locally from businesses- but that was unsustainable. The project was taken on by the Chamber because no one else would assume the responsibility. Paying for the baskets has always been problematic. We are incredibly grateful to Chippers and Timber Tenders for their donation of bucket trucks and man-power to get the lights hung for the holidays. They then donate the same resources to remove the lights.

Question: Would this request not come under the umbrella of our Downtown Beautification sub-committee (Joe and Stuart) and not as a Community Grant? If yes we would have more community grant funds to allocate. (submitted by Larry Niles)
Response: I am not part of that committee and I am not quite sure what their purview is. For a while I worked to help create Teagle's Landing but I have not been approached to serve of the committee or submit a grant. I am not sure if they want to consider lights and flower baskets.